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Sales Tax & 18% Service Charge will be added to all food and drink packages.
Soft drinks are not included with buffets. Ask you party coordinator for pricing.
We ask kindly for a minimum of 10 business days for ordering food packages.

All Trays are 50 Pieces Unless Otherwise Stated



Subs - Salads - Sweets

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Assorted Sub Sandwich Pieces
made with Turkey & Roast Beef
$45.00 per 3ft. subs

Q Salad Favorites

Mixed Green Salad
served with diced onions, peppers, tomatoes
shredded cheese and croutons

Caesar Salad
served with crisp romaine lettuce,
diced red onions, croutons & parmesan cheese

Pasta Salad
tri-colored pasta w/ green & red peppers,
cucumbers, onions, black olives,
cheddar cheese and dressing


Each tray below contains 3 dozen pieces
Assorted Cookies - $46.00
Brownies - $46.00

Package Contact

* Add Assorted Desserts (Cookies, Brownies, Dessert Bars) to any buffet menu*

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